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April 9, 2014

Custom Flag Banners and stands Looking for promotional advertising flag banners to increase business exposure? We offer the largest selections of discount custom printed indoor and outdoor displays as well as cheap stock messaging options in a wide variety of sizes, materials and styles. We specialize in providing imprinted promotional banners and stands, feather and teardrop flags, pop-up signs, street pole signage and flagpoles with either stock messages or custom full-color printing. Customizable print options include fabric or vinyl material printed in 1, 2, 3 and full-color on either one or two sides. Affordable custom printed advertising flag displays are an economical and effective way for businesses to get advertisements and marketing messages noticed in any location. While most of our models are designed for outdoor use, many of the stands and flagpoles also work well indoors as event or trade show accessories. In addition, our flag banners, also known as advertising banner flags, can be created using a variety of different printing methods and inks in both single-sided and double-sided configurations. Custom teardrop and feather displays are ideal choices to promote new merchandise, publicize sales, announce upcoming events or simply increase brand recognition. For convenience, most of our lightweight, portable printed display banner sets include storage bags for safety and transportation. Our extensive online catalogue features flags with stock messaging as well as promotional flag banners with custom printed graphics that will match and enhance both visibility and branding efforts for any company, at any budget.

Why choose our promotional banner flags over other outdoor visual advertising methods?
custom feather flags One of the best things about advertisements on flags is that you can use them almost anywhere. And believe me, we do mean that literally. Most of our custom printed blade-style flags come with a choice of four different base styles. And between them, those 4 styles cover a lot of (pardon the pun) ground. The good old cross-style base works indoors and out and provides stability on any flat surface. Add a water bag for additional weight and you can add "ish" after flat! And while the car foot base style is designed specifically for sticking under the wheel of a (you guessed it) car, the versatile design works well when inserted under any heavy, immobile object in any indoor or outdoor location. Want more versatility? The ground spike works in any soft material — dirt, sand, and snow are great, but what about mulch, gravel, and (hello, spring) mud? If it's relatively squishy and stable, it will probably hold a flag. The fourth option for flag-mounting is the ever-reliable fillable water base, which is easily filled up and emptied and can be used almost anywhere, inside as well as outside. So go ahead, take the plunge — custom imprinting is a great way to get the message out to customers and potential customers, and because of our many mounting options for printed banners, it's easy to pick the base that will best (wait for it) support your needs.

What types of advertising flags and banners are available? custom printed advertising flag banner displays cheap banners and flagpoles for sale Promotional vinyl pennants and advertising flags are perfect for use at more than trade shows. We offer a full selection of stock and custom printed displays well suited for outdoor events like fairs, concerts and sporting events. These external-rated teardrop and feather signs are engineered to weather the elements, withstanding rain, wind and snow. While high winds can be damaging to some promotional fixtures, our advertising flags are built durably and some are designed to rotate with the wind to avoid tipping. This style of display offers more visibility than standard flagpoles. In low winds, a traditional fabric flag will drape around the pole becoming entangled and impeding visibility. With our outdoor banners stay open in any weather, so vibrantly colored graphics and branded messaging will be easily seen at all times.

Flutter flag displays and flagpoles are sold with all sorts of options for stock messaging. In addition, we can print custom signs for you with silk-screened or digitally transcribed imagery, and m one or two-sided formats. These custom printed advertising flag displays are fade-resistant to look new even after years or use or hundreds of marketing events. Our promotional pennants feature either 1 to 2 color printing or digital printing in 1, 2, 3 or full color on specially designed knit polyester fabric. Choosing the method for graphic reproduction is different for every customer, so being informed is essential.

Digital printing offers the most freedom to an organization or business when designing graphics for promotional signs. These prints compare to signs printed directly from home or office color printers; however, it is important to note that the coloration is different for every computer monitor, so there is no way to guarantee exact colors. This is why it is suggested to use Pantone®, or PMS, colors, which make sure the closest match is achieved. The advantage of this printing method is that graphics can be detailed or plain. Some companies prefer signs that have solid backgrounds with simple logos or slogans that stand out, while other businesses want more elaborate presentations. In either case, digital printing gives users the ability to develop a wide variety of affordable custom signs that can be tailored for specific audiences.

Another way to custom print advertising pennants is by using traditional vinyl silk-screening. Heat-transfer vinyl imprinting is offered on many of our outdoor street pole signs and stationary banners. These trade show displays come with 9 color options for custom vinyl text and logos. There is a choice for 1-color or 2-color printing for each lamppost pennant advertisement; however there are some limitations. Each item page provides a vector artwork submission link with details on vector graphics and submission procedures. When choosing vinyl colors for custom artwork, consider how the images and text will look when placed on the canvas surface. Single color printing is ideal for many types of advertisements and graphics. Oftentimes, a single color graphic is more eye-catching than a digitally printed image. If a logo has overlapping shapes that need to be differentiated, then 2-color printing is the option for you. Our goal is to offer the styles and options that you need!

GiantPole.us is America's leading indoor and outdoor advertising flag printer and flagpole stand manufacturer. Our huge inventory is the best place to buy quality trade show displays and flag hardware at discount prices, and fast shipping. Our customer service representatives are available to answer questions or assist with orders Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST. You can also contact us via telephone at 1-800-572-2194, or use the handy chat option on our site to speak with one of our experts immediately. If you are unavailable during business hours, simply send an email and we will respond as soon as possible. Our multiple fully-stocked, on-site warehouses allow us to offer same-day shipping on most orders placed before 1pm EST. Same-day shipping is not available on freight-shipped or custom printed orders, although our on-site production facilities allow us to ship even custom orders for quick delivery! No matter what your advertising needs are, you will be able to locate the best promotional models in our huge online inventory at GiantPole.us!

Banner Flags Tower Over the Competition. Flag Banners Can Be Viewed from Great Distances. Tear Drop Flags Spin in the Wind, Producing Eye-Catching Movement.
Bowhead Banners, or Feather Flags, Flutter in the Wind and are Excellent for Helping to Draw Customers.
Banner Flags for Street Poles Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. Banners and Flags for Advertising, such as these Popup Signs, Provide Ample Product Placement at any Outdoor Event.
13' TriPole Flags
Feather Flag with Digitally Printed Graphics
Street Pole Banner Hardware with 24 inch Poles
OPEN Flag with Fillable Base
17' GiantPole Flags
  • 13' Tall TriPole Flags,
    Pole and Base Only
  • Digitally Printed Banner Flag
  • Street Pole Hardware with 24" Extenders
  • OPEN Flag with Fillable Base
  • 17' Tall GiantPole Flags,
    Pole and Base Only
  • Banners and flags (stock only) ship out same day when purchase before 1pm EST. Banners and advertising flags point attention to your products or services.